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How Ince is Stimulating the South African Economy Through its Digital Services

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

One month ago, President Cyril Ramaphosa outlined the next steps to reopening the South African economy. In his address, he stressed the importance of unity in promoting and supporting local businesses. “Our country and the world we live in will never be the same,” Ramaphosa remarked. “Our economic strategy going forward will require a new social compact among all role players – business, labour, community and government – to restructure our economy and achieve inclusive growth.” The president urged South Africans to promote local businesses, services and products as pivotal in creating the new social contract.

Why not help to support the South African economy by making use of Ince’s proudly South African platforms for your next Annual General Meeting, Special General Meeting or any meeting where stakeholder participation is key?

Ince is a proudly South African, fourth generation family-owned and run company, with a level 2 B-BBEE rating. It is a story of entrepreneurship and adaption with a thirst for adventure and deeply rooted values. Ince may have started as a print business over 100 years ago, but as the market has changed, they have evolved into so much more than that in delivering excellence to the market. Today, as a fully-fledged digital company, Ince offers clients proven digital platforms and solutions that enable effective collaboration and voting which support inclusive stakeholder engagement.

Connecting to stakeholders – whether they be shareholders, analysts, employees, the media or NGOs – is high on the agenda now more than ever. Ince combines two easy-to-use platforms that enable successful stakeholder communication and engagement. These can be customised to meet all of your requirements.

Ince developed iProxy, a robust easy-to-use online proxy voting platform over 23 years ago. iProxy mirrors the traditional paper process of submitting proxy voting ballots into the digital age, enabling shareholders to vote on resolutions electronically from remote destinations. As the system completely mirrors the paper-based proxy voting system used by transfer secretaries in South Africa, it is fully compliant with the regulators. It provides a real-time birds’ eye view of votes as they happen. iProxy can be used ahead of a meeting as well as during the meeting as the voting platform.

iMeeting is an interactive, cloud-based solution that facilitates shareholder attendance at a live meeting. Attendees simply log on to view a streaming webcast and has a live interactive forum where attendees can interact directly with the speaker.

By integrating the iProxy platform into a virtual meeting, shareholders attending can vote on resolutions. These votes, together with any votes lodged ahead of the meeting, are sent to those tallying the votes for an efficient, seamless voting process.

Jill Parratt, Group Secretary of Liberty Holdings had this to say after using the Ince platform for their 2020 AGM: “Your platform worked extremely well. Your team provided excellent support, both prior to the AGM and during the AGM, and were immediately available to answer questions and test the platform. Nothing went wrong on the actual day and the sound and visuals were good. I have no hesitation in recommending INCE.”

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